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:: Random words ::

Updated from time to time

19 August 1989
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You can call me Sen or Senko. I'm a simple young woman that wants to share her life xD.
My English is not so good, but I try to do my entries in this language. Maybe I'll do some in spanish, sorry if you don't understand.

What do you find here:

-My random rambling or thoughts about different topics. They would about: anime and manga, manga shoujo (I read a a lot of these ^^)and Tenipuri. Well Tenipuri (or Prince of Tennis) and Tenimyu, exactly ^^
-My icons. They are simple, but I like to do some of them. If you take them, please, comment in my journal ^^. Ah!, and I'll do more textless icons, because I think that is easier.
-My fics. They'll be in Spanish only. I'll give more details later.
-My fan arts, although I'm not good xD. But I try to do something acceptable.
-My own opinions about my original fiction. I'm writting some original stories at Fictionpress. They are in Spanish only.

Well, that would be all xD. I'm very busy now, that's why I'll not update very often.

Have a nice day ^^

I'm a fan in-training of

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